Flowers from the Garden

All pictures here, were taken using the Sony DSC-F828 8mp camera

This was a great Gerbera Daisy in a bouquet I gave my wife. She was happy, I was happy, I captured the moment in a flower. Still getting the hang of lighting for subjects. However I think the frame came out nicely.

I took this picture and thought nothing of it until I pulled up on the computer. Then it was, BAMM, in your face. The shadows created by the other plants and fence created a wonderful affect I thought. Made the rose seem even move tangible, and real. This Rose was in our backyard, and I just decided to start testing the camera. Turned out great I think!

This was a curious little flower in the backyard. I do not know what it is, but it photographs wonderfully! When blown up, the detail the new camera provides, is absolutely stunning. You can see the veins on each petal, each strand of cilia protruding from the center, and each little nuance that the flower has to make it individual.

This picture was done while playing around with different settings. The picture turned out superb I thought. The lighting, the softness, the detail of the rose in the foreground. Everything really came together on this one. And to boot, this was a bouquet that was a couple of days old, that came in the mail to my wife (thanks ProFlowers!!!) And the blooms were astounding!

This came rose came from the same bouquet from ProFlowers. I fell in love with how the flower just glows, and wants to jump out of the picture. Enough said...

Yet another rose from the garden of Eden, better known as our backyard. This rose was in a great position for me to take a top down shot, just enough shade, and the curls of the rose were breathtaking. Picture turned out pretty good.

I was taking a test run of the camera with the circular polarizing lens on the flowers, and looked, and said, "Wow...". Without the lens, the sky was dreary and embarrassing. As you can see in the pictures, the sky is brilliant blue, and clouds are bright white. These make great backgrounds now... Mental note: polarizer good...

Testing the macro. For picking up the dew, or left over sprinkler, I was impressed. Still able to see detail on the leaf, and see the dew at the same time. Beautiful...

Recently I was able to go out with my father in law to help shoot some of the Dahlias. Very cool experience!! Anyway, while shooting some of the more proper catalog type photos, I was able to get some really cool shots of some of the captive subjects. This one turned out especially well I think because of the such bright colors! The big one lends more justice to the picture.

This little beauty was taken in my father-in-laws backyard. Thought the flower was pretty, but the picture turned out wonderfully!!!




The pictures to the left were taken during Dahlia Season at the farm. I had a fabulous time taking pictures during this time. Lots of neat people, lots of pointers, lots of experimentation. I think I am finding my rhythm finally. Time will tell...

Still having trouble getting the swing of things with regards to shutter speed, aperture, f-stop, speed, etc. Just have not found the right mix of what to use in what situation. However I was happy with these.

These pond lillies were spotted in the farms Koi pond. And I thought to myself, what a ripe opportunity for some more photos. They turned out just swimmingly.